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Released 11.08. Produced by Gary Jules. Additional production by Al Sgro and Will Golden. Recorded by Al Sgro and Will Golden.

First full band release by Gary Jules and the Group Rules. Featuring Heather Brown-Dodge (Esquimaux), Will Golden (Meiko, Buddy), Ed Maxwell (The Devics, Pedestrian), Ben Peeler (Wallflowers, Mavericks, Shakira), and Al Sgro (Holly Conlan, Meiko, Buddy). Mixed by Brian Cook (Mike Andrews, Inara George, Buddy, Meiko). Special appearances by Jim Bianco, Gabriel Mann, and Joel Shearer (Pedestrian, Damien Rice, Alanis Morrissette).

Track List (Click on track name for lyrics)
  1. Beautiful
  2. My Familiar
  3. The Road Beside the Highway
  4. Dreaming by Needle and Gun
  5. Ghosts in the Cotton
  6. Goodnight Billie
  7. Been a Long Time (feat. Jim Bianco)
  8. Bird/ Little Greenie (Reprise)
  9. The Old Days Are Gone

Gary Jules

Released 08.06. Recorded and produced by Gary Jules.

Mixed by Bryan Cook. Other players: Michael Andrews: Bass, drums, backing vocals. Malcolm Cross: Drums, percussion, electric piano. Ben Peeler: Lapsteel guitar. Davey Chegwidden: Percussion.

Track List (Click on track name for lyrics)
  1. Falling Awake
  2. The Devil Keeps Grinning
  3. Gone Daddy
  4. Serpent - in - Claw
  5. Little Greenie
  6. There's A Hole in the Sky
  7. Whiskey For Everybody
  8. Wichita
  9. Andalucia
  10. Dustcloud and the Honeybees
  11. Road Song Blues
  12. One Little Light

Trading Snakeoil for Wolftickets

Originally released 01.02.

Recorded and produced by Michael Andrews and Gary Jules. Mixed by Gary Jules and Todd Burke. "Mad World" originally recorded for the movie "Donnie Darko", and is also available on the Donnie Darko Score album by Michael Andrews.

Track List (Click on track name for lyrics)
  1. Broke Window
  2. No Poetry
  3. DTLA
  4. Lucky
  5. Something Else
  6. Pills
  7. Boat Song
  8. Umbilical Town
  9. The Princess of Hollywood Way
  10. Patchwork G
  11. Barstool
  12. Mad World

Greetings from the Side

Originally released by A&M Records in 08.98.

Re-released by Down Up Down Music 03.04. Produced by Michael Andrews. Recorded by Brad Cook. Mixed by Tchad Blake. Features performances by Karl Denson and Robert Walter.

Track List (Click on track name for lyrics)
  1. Greetings from the Side
  2. St. Christopher's Lullabye
  3. Barstool
  4. Owen Down
  5. Invisible
  6. Bluefish
  7. Ghosts
  8. Heroes & Heroin
  9. Jeremiah Weed
  10. Nothing
  11. Push
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