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    Dear Message Boarders,

    I cannot apologize enough for the boards being defunct.  Dizzy D sent me an email a while ago telling me things had gone haywire.  We’ve been trying very hard to get it fixed, but every step seems to necessitate getting in touch with someone we haven’t spoken to for years.  Once we find them, they have to go look for info they haven’t needed for years.

    Long story short . . . we hope to have it all fixed up ASAP.  We’ll also be doing a site overhaul when the new record comes out, so hopefully all of the user issues will be addressed when we pass one or the other of these milestones.   Until then, please hold tight.  Hope to be seeing your posts again very soon.

    Much love as always


    Posted on 4.23.11

  • RIP Alex Chilton

    If you don’t know Alex Chilton by name you likely know at least some of his work, and would probably do well to know more. He died yesterday in New Orleans while thousands of indie kids were descending upon Austin owing the life of their band to him et al in some way or another . . . whether they know it or not. I think most of them do these days, thank god.

    There is a lot of great music out there right now despite what sobbing record company execs and editors of once-irreverent-now-irrelevant music magazines say. Rejoice and thank Alex Chilton, but beware the wolf in sheep’s hairdo. Phonies yet abound.

    Posted on 3.18.10

  • Hey Folks. Welcome to my new journal page.

    I’ve decided that I’m not a particularly good journal writer unless I’m really inspired by something cool happening – and when something cool happens I usually want to enjoy it rather than worrying about writing it down.

    So, though I pledge to do my best on the journal entry thing . . . I think most of the time I’ll just check in and let folks know the important stuff.  I have a friend, one that I consider to be a very good friend, named Mason.  He and I almost never get to see each other except occasionally on the road for a few hours, or while passing through each other’s hometowns once every year or so – so we keep up by sporadic email, text, and the odd ten-minute phone call.  I realized the last time I saw him that no matter how long (or short, rather) our meetings are, Mason always wants to know what I’m listening to and what I’m reading.  For grown folks who have families and careers and stuff, I think that knowing what a friend is thinking about is a good way to feel personally connected without the benefit of a lot of personal contact.  That’s kinda how I think the journal thing is going to work out for me.  I’d like it to be interactive.  I’ll check in and let you know what I’m reading, listening to, watching, or thinking about – then you (the collective “you” out there) write me at and let me know what YOU”RE thinking, reading, listening to.  If something interesting pops up, I’ll post it in the journal.  How’s that sound?  Kind of a slightly altered “forum” type set up.

    Wow, look at that – looks like a real journal entry so far.

    Anyway, on with the program:

    READING:  A Biography of Albert Einstein.  The man so fully believed in the theory of general relativity that he was willing to allow that the gravity of the sun was so intense that it could actually BEND light.  Turns out he was right of course.  When asked if, as a religious man, he was a habitual reader of scripture, Einstein answered something like ‘Why would I be?  I speak mathematics.  It would not make any sense to read the interpretations of fanatics when one can read the script itself written by the hand of God’.   Quincy, if you’re reading this, this is your cue to start a thinking man’s discussion of Faith – I’m game.  I loved math as a kid, but never really understood it as a language until way later, by which time I was no longer a good math student . . . luckily the Einstein book isn’t too mathy.

    LISTENING TO:  Sufjan Stevens, Illinoise.  Fascinated by his arrangements and the combination of literature, serial killers, and intelligent, earnest, controversial religious subjects.  I know, it’s a cliché, but I’m interested in faith . . . the history, purpose,  and power of faith.  Sue me.  Anyway, Sufjan is a master of balancing the sublime and the secular, the remarkable and the everyday – and the songs are just so CATCHY.  My son dances around like a maniac whenever “I fell in love again . . . all things go, all things go” comes on.  “That’s MY song, daddy.  ALLFINGSGO!!”.  And the best part is, he’ll bounce around for a while and then eventually get very still, listening over and over until he falls asleep.  Every parent who reads this will know what I mean when I say, God bless you Sufjan Stevens.

    Until next time . . .

    Posted on 6.19.07

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