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  • 4.23.11 Message Board

    Dear Message Boarders,
    I cannot apologize enough for the boards being defunct.  Dizzy D sent me an email a while ago telling me things had gone haywire.  We’ve been trying very hard to get it fixed, but every step seems to necessitate getting in touch with someone we haven’t spoken to for years.  Once we find […]

  • 3.18.10 RIP Alex Chilton

    If you don’t know Alex Chilton by name you likely know at least some of his work, and would probably do well to know more. He died yesterday in New Orleans while thousands of indie kids were descending upon Austin owing the life of their band to him et al in some way or another […]

  • 6.19.07 Hey Folks. Welcome to my new journal page.

    I’ve decided that I’m not a particularly good journal writer unless I’m really inspired by something cool happening – and when something cool happens I usually want to enjoy it rather than worrying about writing it down.
    So, though I pledge to do my best on the journal entry thing . . . I think most […]

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